My name is Jiang Huang. I usually go by Jon for English-speaking. 
Born and raised in East China, I was lured to New Zealand in 2014 by its “100% Pure” brand. I completed a diploma of Computer Graphic Design and another one of Digital Media at Yoobee School of Design here in Wellington. Decided to stay, I find myself quite enjoy living in the "coolest little capital" and being spoiled by the availability of good coffee and craft beer.
Grew up in a visually heavy environment, my internal dislike towards information overload has shaped my design style to simple and clean. I seek clarity, sincerity and serenity in most of what I do. 
As a freelancer, I can take on a variety of projects. I have skills and experience with print, publications, infographics, illustration, motion graphics, branding, website and many other design specialties. I like to stay curious and keep an open mind. I'm always keen to learn and excited by the new knowledge, perspective and serendipity a project can bring. 
When I’m designing, I could be pretty obsessed with styling, but I never prioritise it over function. I much prefer practical and empathic approaches than ego and exaggeration.  
When I’m not designing, I love baking with sourdough (I'm mad about fermentation, doughs, cabbages, booze, you name it…), playing board games, taking photos and exploring the wondrous NZ outdoors.